Cows + Methane = Climate Change

Honestly, going into Governor’s school I believed the agricultural field consisted of farmers, harvesting crops, and taking them to market. Governor’s school has given me many opportunities to explore new ideas and even the outcomes. My Global Seminar project assignment was to discover the ways that agricultural practices can limit greenhouse gas emissions. We soon learned that cows are actually the leading factor of greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural practices. It’s not transportation or fertilizer, but cows. This opened my eyes to the true extent of how everyone is affected by the agricultural field and its outcomes.   Continue reading

Is Governor’s School The Move?

So far in Virginia Tech’s Governor’s School for Agriculture, the 100 students have hit the ground running. In the three full days we have attended, we have sat through hours of lectures, attended communications classes, and been assigned a hefty project to complete with total strangers. My group has been assigned the task of proposing a solution to childhood obesity while focusing on the parental aspect of the problem. Continue reading