Helping Those in Need

Working with Kas Church and her associate to pack bags for their food pickup was the highlight of my day. I packed bags of dry foods for students with others from my food security group, and with our teamwork packing went by very quickly. Kas talked about how it would be better to open a kitchen so the students could choose their own food instead of having it chosen for them. Which would give them a sense of individuality and help soothe the stigma of asking for help with food. We also talked about food waste which is a major problem in the US and it made me think about how much food I throw away instead of eating and the food I see others throwing away. I’m glad that colleges are doing something to help the students who really need it instead of ignoring the problem. Talking about food insecurity on college campus’ was very enlightening and it has inspired me to look into programs at my hometown and ways to help others deal with food insecurity. This realization would not have happened without going to the Governor’s School for Agriculture, helping Kas, and learning about food insecurity. Thank you.


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