Learning New Concepts

This week we started our elective courses, and I selected equine. Honestly, I did not really know anything about horses, and the idea of being near them was a little bit frightening for me, but I was also excited at the opportunity to learn more about them and be around them. When I got to the equine center, I was really drowsy. I hopped out of the van and dragged my feet over to the stables, and that was when I was jolted awake.

There, in front of me was a magnificent horse. I never realized how big they were until I had one right in front of me. I slowly stretched out my hand and began to pet it gently. Then, Natalie, the equine center manager, began to tell us all about raising baby horses. She explained the vast terminology associated with horses and the equine industry, such as foal, stallion, and more. We spent a while at the equine center, and when we had to leave I was sad but excited to come back the next day.

My experience with the horses reminded me of one of the experiences I had in my Biology class this past year. When I walked into the class for the first time, I was a little scared but also excited to learn new information. Learning about new concepts in biology was challenging for me, and learning about horses was the same way. It was very valuable for me to learn about the equine industry, and this knowledge will carry over into other parts of my life. I enjoyed learning about this aspect of the agriculture industry.


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