Meat us at the lab!

Similar to yesterday students began their day with lectures from Dr. Mike Ellerbrock and Mr. Dan Swafford.  Today, Dr. Ellerbrock continued his discussion on the idea of diminishing marginal utility and the concepts of marginal costs and benefits.  At the beginning of his lecture, Mr. Swafford built on his previous lecture on wind turbines and energy harvesting. Next, Dr. Swafford discussed several topics surrounding solar energy. Students were even taught how to construct their own water heaters, harnessing solar energy.

Then, in the afternoon, students toured the campus library in order to begin their research projects. Also, students were given the unique opportunity to visit Virginia Tech’s “Meat Lab” where they learned about food safety and made Bratwursts!

Image(Food Safety Project Group)

This evening students have been busy socializing, organizing sporting events, and making their first trips to Main Street with our Governor’s School Leaders.

— Jimmy Shatt, Governor’s School Leader

One thought on “Meat us at the lab!

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