Fighting for a Greener Future

Today, we all went out to the largest Volvo truck factory in the United States. They utilized many alternative ways of harnessing energy. We learned a lot about sustainable energy and particularly about how we need to change our culture and lifestyles to adapt to renewable energy sources. Afterwards, we visited New River Community College to view their sustainable energy technology. There we saw simulators that students use to practice operating photo-voltaic cells and wind turbines, along with actual solar panels and turbines we got to see. After lunch, we went to blogging class and learned about how to make a popular and successful blog. The class ended early, and we went straight to work on the global seminar projects. Later, we got to see a fashion show by the GSLs who showed us how to dress professionally. The day was pretty good and we are all looking forward to the two-mile hike to the Cascades tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t rain! 


A group of students learning about converting solar energy for solar-powered cars

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