The Magic of Mondays

Mondays. We often think of Mondays as the epitome of the week, the end all be all of the weekend; however, this Monday was not the case. As we ventured into Smyth Hall this Monday morning, there was the opportunity for July 8th to go down in history as either a horrible Monday or one worth talking about for weeks afterwards. This Monday was certainly a day to remember. Many of us are avid biology lovers, so we easily absorbed both the plant science and animal science courses we took this morning. We enjoyed them not only because of the enthusiastic teachers, but also for the thrilling subjects we learned about as well. We learned in-depth background knowledge about plant propagation and were introduced to animal husbandry and genetics within the agricultural community. Later this week, we will dive deeper into these subjects and have some hands-on experience in the lab and out in the field.

    In addition to the academic improvement, the food today was fabulous! Since freshman orientation is starting up, D2, our beloved dining hall, has undergone some drastic changes. For instance, the pasta was served today with a twist of shrimp and mushrooms, instead of the standard marinara and alfredo sauces we’ve been issued previously . There was also a plethora of desserts like cheesecake and banana pudding to enjoy. The most exciting part about the improvement in food, though, is that it will keep on improving because orientation continues through the rest of our stay at the beautiful Virginia Tech campus!


Sarah Busch, George Armstrong, Peter Lee, Ellen Jordan, Jamie Hodnett

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