Beefing Up

Morale has improved near exponentially here at Tech with the arrival of the orientation students. Said boost in morale has little to do with their presence and far more to do with the subsequent increase in the quality of food at the main dining hall (D2). In addition, our classes have begun to diversify as well. Our new batch of classes, including plant propagation and animal science, has proven to be highly informative and often highly interesting. In plant propagation, we began a riveting discussion on the uses and merits of plant cuttings as a way of multiplying pre-existing populations. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Pratt taught the class how to “grade” meat and provided hands-on consumer tips on the purchase and consumption of beef. These morning classes were quickly followed an by interesting rumination on problem solving led by GSA Director Dr. Curt Friedel. He provided the results of our KAI evaluations, which helped us determine our personal methods of problem solving. At the conclusion of this lecture we broke off into our research groups to continue work on our global seminar projects. We then returned to our dorms and ultimately D2 for a gourmet dinner complete with key lime pie and crème brulee. We then concluded the night with our choice of a smattering of activities including running, cards, and movie watching.

Blog 3

William Ferrer, Connor Votroubek, Justina Whearty, Sydney Shepherd, Maura Finn

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