Letters from Gov School

By: Mary Duong, Jack Mu, Jacob Poudrier, and Mary Keenan

Going into the Governor’s School for Agriculture, one simply has no idea what to expect, but your predictions don’t make the program seem too fun. You expect a heavily structured and almost patronizing atmosphere created by the leaders in addition to being surrounded by weird nerds 24/7. This perception soon gets flipped around once you realize that you too are a weird nerd and that together, everyone at this place is odd and quirky but so awesome. There is a lack of high school-style cliques that are ever-present in Northern Virginia especially. The atmosphere here is something so rare and special.

Every day at Gov School is so long and so short at the same time, and you are forever struggling with feelings of homesickness and never wanting to leave this place. The classes have some definite ups and downs, from testing pollutants to sampling bugs. As far as teachers go, they are all very enthusiastic, some bringing cookies to class and others are rather zealous about reproductive systems (shoutout to Sammie). In addition to these classes, there are endless opportunities, from belly dancing classes to simply hanging out with your friends, ordering a pizza, and cheering so loudly for your favorite team in the World Cup.

While we all miss parts from home, like our favorite pets or our parents’ cooking (that would be a remarkable alternative to D2), this experience is undeniably a great one. They say this is a kind of prequel to college, and if that statement has any truth, we’ll be in for a good time within the next year or two. Though seemingly a month-long extension to the school we tirelessly complain about for months on end, Gov School is much more. While we are academically challenged and given, at times, a lot of work, it’s all worth it. We are over halfway through this remarkable experience, and we’re certain we’ll miss this experience and the amazing people we’ve met here. Nerd camp is definitely the move.


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