Welcome to GSA 2017! – Meet your GSLs

Hello GSA 2017 family, friends, and other readers!

Our 2017 year is off to a fantastic start, so what better way than to first introduce some of the Governor’s School Leaders (GSL)? These leaders spend every waking hour helping your students learn about agriculture, while incorporating fun activities and life long lessons.

They’ve spent time learning CPR training in case something goes haywire:


They’ve walked down the runway for your students to showcase Business Professional, Business Casual, and Casual clothing (and some less than casual clothes for laughs!):

GSL Clothes

And this year, 4 GSLs are returning as previous students, so we’d like to showcase them specifically!

From Hyejin, Lucy, Abby, and Katherine:

“Hello readers, we are four of the Governor’s School Leaders (GSLs) and all had the opportunity to attend Governor’s School as students. Hyejin attended in 2014 and was in the Plant Science major. Lucy attended in 2012 and was in the Ag Econ major. Abby attended in 2015 and was in the Plant Science major. Katherine attended in 2011 and was in the now non-existent Ag Leadership major, she also served as a Food Science GSL in 2014 and 2016. As alumni, we share a common perspective with this year’s GSA students since we have been in their shoes. We know what it’s like to meet your suitemates for the first time, explore a slice of college life, and be able to eat all the junk food you want. We all decided to become GSLs because the program made such a huge impact on our lives. We all fell in love with a college, discovered the impact of agriculture in daily life, and made long lasting relationships. Students have so much to look forward to over the next month. Some of our favorite experiences were hiking the Cascades, studying soil, having hands on experience at the barns, and watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. Students will dive deep into the process of research and become experts on a topic, all while developing collaboration skills. The program helped us grow as leaders and learners and we can’t wait to see the growth of these 98 students. Maybe some of them will recognize the same values we did, and will someday come back to guide a new group of future agriculturalists.”

Overall, the GSLs jumped for joy to support your students here at GSA 2017:

GSL Jump

We look forward to another amazing year here at the Governor’s School for Agriculture.

Your GSA staff

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