Economics is Everywhere

By: Tyler Palicia and Alex Ton

We woke up at 8 o’clock sharp, excited to face the day. We wondered, as we brushed our teeth, “What interesting information would we learn in our classes!” As we rushed along to breakfast, to enjoy delicious D2 omelets, we anticipated a riveting day of unique, informative lectures. Little did we know, our first class “economics is all around us,” would change our entire outlook of the economics that we see all around us every day. Our informative professor, Dr. Mike Ellerbrock, greeted us with a smile. He posed questions to us, like,”Why do most men vote against polygamy?” It made us wonder, “Yeah! Why do most men vote against polygamy!?” Mike allowed us time to discuss, and occasionally lead us to the answer. The answer to that question is that men vote against polygamy because they don’t want the richest and most attractive guys marrying all of the eligible women. As usual for the economic lectures so far, the lesson was well received by the masses. We personally enjoyed the lecture because it gave an insight into the life around us and why things that seem normal to us but in reality are very odd. It showed us the large part that economics plays in our lives and how the macroeconomic and mass production scale can make many things that are logically wrong but economically right. These questions inspired us to think a little more deeply about the world around us, in an economic context.


Citation: Taken by Alex Ton during the lecture

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