Meals for the Brave

By: Helen Sweeney, Jessica Lu, Frances Lu, and Degsteen Afful

As we reached the midway point of Week 3 of GSA, the food science students shuffled MRe.3apprehensively towards a table piled high with brown packages. After spending the week listening to Dr. Joe Eifert lecture on Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs), it was time to try the military rations packets for ourselves. MREs are totally self-contained complete meals as well as the main operation food ration for the U.S. Armed Forces. Each and every menu item has been extensively studied by food scientists and averages 1,250 calories per package containing the MRE.2optimal balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to keep our armed forces in prime health.

Each MRE package contained something different and unique in taste. Ranging from beef stew to chicken pesto pasta, each package contained a variety of snacks such as skittles, sugar cinnamon cookies, and nuts, and also powdered versions of drinks like coffee and orange juice. Each package contained a hot pack that heated the food while reacting with water. Toilet paper was also provided within each MRE package for the soldiers after every meal.

MRE.1Students were also given the opportunity to sample each other’s foods. Dan, pictured in the third image, went around sampling everyone’s packages and as you can see, he approved of the MRE meals! Overall, we enjoyed our experience and have a newfound appreciation for D2 dining. We have also developed a lot of respect for our soldiers and thank them for their service to our beautiful country.

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