A Final Thank You for 2017!

Special thanks to Daniel Steger, Dayo Omosa, Grace Grossen, Jacob Jewis, Meagan Satira, and Katlyn Clary for their assistance with this post. Rock star GSLs!

These last four weeks came and went very quickly here at the Governor’s School for Agriculture. The students have now left and gone back home, hopefully with good friends and a greater knowledge of agriculture. In conclusion of the Governor’s School for Agriculture the students were honored to hear the First Lady of Virginia speak and then get recognized for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the month.

The GSLs posing with First Lady of Virginia, Dorothy McAuliffe (center white dress), at the Governor’s School for Agriculture final banquet.


Virginia Governor’s School for Agriculture was very exciting. For the Governor’s School Leaders (GSLs), the month long residential program, first, presented the platform to mentor and positively influence gifted and talented high school students especially, igniting and stimulating their passions for agriculture and related fields. Gov.4Next, it provided us the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends (friendships) both among the GSLs and also among the students. Further, it was great to see the students learn from experienced professors and graduate students from different backgrounds and fields in Agriculture while they interact with each other and also make new friendships in the Governor’s School. It was rewarding to finish the month with the symposium, where the students were able to show the knowledge that they had gained through their experience.

To cap it all off was the presence of the First lady of Virginia, Dorothy McAuliffe at the banquet. Gov.1Her attendance at our event signaled to everyone the commitment of the Virginia state government to positive youth and agricultural development. To motivate the students, the first lady shared with them her experience with agriculture while growing up in the State of Florida. She also shared on the importance of positive youth development and why she is passionate about it. Finally, she encouraged the students to pursue careers in agriculture in order to tackle the economic, political, and scientific challenges confronting our society today. This opportunity was truly once in a lifetime and a perfect final note for this year’s students, families, and invited guests.

2017 would not have been as outstanding without each any every student, leader, presenter and staff member! Lots was learned and much was shared. We look forward to having some of you return as GSLs for future years, and hope you all can find a way to better your agricultural community today, tomorrow, and forever. Continue to grow!


Until next time…

The Governor’s School for Agriculture Team

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