Utilizing Lime to Enhance Soil Health

It was a summer morning so I decided to wake up early so I could do my chores before it got too hot. As I began my walk to the barn I noticed a cloud like dust starting to settle over the main paddock. It looks almost snow-like in nature but considering the summer heat it most definitely was not.

A farmer spreads lime on a field.

I heard the distant humming of my dad’s tractor grind to a halt so I decided to go up to his wood shop to ask him. Once I got up to the shop I called out his name and he turned his head to see what I wanted. I proceeded to ask him about all the white stuff on fields and he told me it was lime. I was confused so he explained how he spreads it on the field to help the grass grow for the horses.

Years later I am now at Governor’s School for Agriculture and I now know the importance lime has to soil health. In Dr. Tim Duham’s lecture we learned about the importance of lyme and how it can be used to reduce acidity within the soil since soil genuinely becomes more acidic over time. Soils pH should be around 6.3 for crops to grow the best and spreading lyme can help reach that value.

After learning this new information about soils and growing I hope to use it to improve my gardening skills back home. 


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