D2: Making Life Sustainable at GSA

D2. Our beloved and only dining hall. Life at GSA would be unsustainable without it. My personal sustenance comprises of pizza, dessert, and predominantly vegetables.

One of our recent class trips was to Homefield Farms, where we explored the importance of crops and techniques in sustainable agriculture. We had the opportunity to see many machines and equipment used to farm, but also to learn about different cover crops and methods to grow seedlings. This includes plasticulture, which was used for the production of their peppers. Plasticulture focuses on using plastic to maintain soil temperature, retain moisture, and limit weeds. Many of these peppers and other vegetables including squash, zucchini, and basil are also served to students here at Virginia Tech in their meals at Dietrick Hall.

This experiences spiked my interest and considerations towards the food I eat, where it was made, and how it was grown. This learning concept also applies to the good ol’ reliable choccy milk for many of my fellow classmates here at governor’s school, where even much of our milk is locally sourced from the dairy farm. My recent discoveries will never be forgotten like much of my time spent here, and I will continue to search for these connections in the real world, always in touch with agriculture!


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