Agriculture: More than Cows and Corn

As embarrassing as it is to say, I did walk into Governor’s School for Agriculture (GSA) believing the topic solely consisted of farms just overflowing with cows and corn. You could say I faced a bit of a reality check the first week, and by the final week I am utterly embarrassed by the little I knew only a short few weeks prior regarding the industry feeding the world. 

I have learned from professor after professor that agriculture is interconnected with every other topic you could imagine. The days of the small, subsistence farming family are long gone and have been replaced by an industry on the forefront of economic, environmental, and technological innovation. GSA has completely obliterated all the misconceptions of agriculture I held on to for so long and shined a light on the constantly advancing subject I had left in the dark.

At home I believed my only connection with agriculture was the work I did in the miserable hot sun of my school garden. While I am returning with a mountain of ideas to improve that garden, I am also coming back with an understanding that everything I wear, consume, and use in my everyday life is connected with the agricultural industry that–to my surprise–is not just cows and corn. 


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