Week Three is MAJOR Fun

Blog 10

After a weekend of fun activities, the students returned to the classroom for morning classes. The day began with a strengths and leadership class, and for the first time this month, the students split into different electives. They performed dissections in a Animal Reproduction class, learned about proper care for domesticated animals, and discussed critical thinking skills. The last classes of the day were designated for specific majors. The plant science major learned about the wondrous world of turf grass or “plastic grass.”  At the equestrian center, the animal science major observed the process of artificial insemination, viewed sperm through a light microscope, and visited the foaling barns. During food science, the students played a bingo game exposing them to the thirty technologies for a hamburger. Exploring the campus with GPS’s, the Agricultural engineering students mapped and tracked their routes using Google Maps. In their afternoon class, the agricultural economics students discussed varying marketing tactics including direct marketing and target marketing. Overall, it was a great start to the first week of individualized classes!

blog 11


David Adams, WonSouk Choi, Megan Thomas, Truc Bui, Carlene Uzel

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