Waiting for the weekend…

The third week has been primarily focused on our research projects; we’ve had a lot of deadlines. Groups are working hard on finishing up research, designing brochures and laying out posters. We also started our major classes and our first week of electives. Some classes have been visiting farms, going on tours, and even making hamburgers!        Everyone seems to be looking forward to the weekend because of the tubing and IHOP trip! IHOP is Friday night at 11, so we’ll be out past bed checks woo! Tubing is Saturday afternoon; hopefully it won’t be cancelled for bad weather. There will also surely be lots of sand volleyball like always, cards, and catching up on sleep. Everyone seems to be getting closer to one another and having fun every day.



Sustainable Energy: Alex Lord, Tess Kendrick, Lydia Smith, Grace Wheaton, Jimmy Zhao

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