Major Learning

The day started off with another class of Strengths and Leadership, where we discussed strengths as related to teamwork.  Then we split off into elective classes, some of which participated in exciting opportunities such as touring the veterinary school (VMRCVM) in the Medication Across the Species elective, or dissecting a pig uterus in the Animal Reproduction class.  After lunch, we again divided into our major classes. Ag Engineering learned about satellite imaging, Plant Science discussed different types of soil, and Ag Economics learned about world population, malnutrition, and their professor’s travels to Ecuador. At Food Science and Technology labs, the Food Science majors worked on cooking hamburgers and experimenting with different fat contents and cooking temperatures.  Finally, the Animal Science majors took a field trip to the VT cattle barns, where they were able to view the use of an ultrasound on a steer to determine the marketability of its meat.  All in all, we managed to come full circle in the day as we aimed to exercise our strengths in our respective classes, and we’re looking forward to an excellent rest of the week!


Jackie Ko, William Gent, Madeleine Miles, Maeve Curtin, Koby Arndt

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