Gov School Students Tackle Heavy Questions in Ag


Why are there no wind farms in Virginia? Why are there door locks on 7-11 stores that are open 24/7? Which is better: conventional or organic farming practices? Are antibiotics detrimental to the food supply? Should America use corn or perennial grasses to create bio-fuel?

These are the questions the 99 students of the Governor’s School for Agriculture have been hard at work attempting to answer — in class, on field trips and in their group projects. During the past four days, students have quickly found a routine and began work on their major projects.

Trips to the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a guided tour of Newman Library and its resources, have added hands-on opportunities to the Governor’s School experience. Surprisingly, VCOM’s cadavers were the big hands-on hit.

In the evenings, volleyball, basketball, kickball, running, and, of course, World Cup watching have provided opportunities to make new friends and enjoy the Blacksburg evenings.

Follow the students’ adventures on Twitter, and get excited for later this week when students begin contributing to this blog in their own words.






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