Global Seminar Group #1’s Week Report


From learning economics to awkward laughing in blogging class, the first few days of the Governor’s School for Agriculture has certainly been interesting.

Every day of the week we have attended Economics is Everywhere, detailing the applications of, and making rational decisions to, everyday life and the agricultural economy. In Renewable Energy, we were introduced to the various techniques for using sustainable energy and conserving natural resources such as Vertical Axis Wind Mills or VAWT.

In Blogging Your Thoughts we honed our skills in communication, specifically in the modern age. Later, we visited the Via College of Osteopathic Medicine where we were allowed to view human cadavers.

After hours, students were able to wind down in the kitchen lounge while grabbing a quick bite to eat. Some students chose to be more “active” during their free time by bellydancing in a hot room full of smelly people, and by taking to the field to play a friendly soccer and volleyball game.

Sadly, some students (Michelle) did get a little too competitive while playing basketball and ended up riding a scooter in WalMart.


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