Meet the Students of Group #3


The first few days here at the Governor’s School for Agriculture have been all about getting to know the rest of the students here. With 99 of us all learning, eating, and living together for the next month, it has been a new experience for many of us to get to know such a large group of people in such a short amount of time.

Along with our five major divisions (Animal Science, Plant Science, Agricultural Economics, Food Science, and Agricultural Engineering) we were divided into groups of five people, one from each major, to work on our final research project.

Being divided into multiple smaller teams apart from the larger group has offered us the opportunity to get to know people with a multitude of interests and varied personalities from all over the state. To show what we mean by this, we’ve attached some short biographies which we hope offer a window into the group and the variety of amazing people with whom we come into contact here.

These are our self-written biographies.PLEASE ENJOY.

Mohit is a student at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia.  He plays soccer, football and basketball with his friends every day during the summer. He has also played tennis and volleyball when he has had the chance.  He has taken French in school and is now pretty fluent in it. He has also been talking to many people here at Gov School and made many new friends.  His roommates and he have been spending a lot of time together doing some fun and crazy stuff.  He has been enjoying Gov School so far and meeting so many great people from all over the state and experience as much as possible.


Nicki self-identifies as a nerdy Renaissance Woman as she builds competition robots, speaks fluent Spanish, and loves Broadway musicals, as well as all aspects of theatre.  In addition, she’s a two-sport varsity athlete, a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, and an avid surfer and sailor who’s Navy Brat upbringing has instilled in her a love of travel. Since she was 4, Nicki had planned to pursue pediatric medicine. However, her focus on Animal Science at governor’s school has reminded her of her love of the ocean and its ecosystems, thus leading her to consider a shift to veterinary medicine so that she could return to her beloved California to work as an aquatic animal veterinarian.

Danica M-J
Danica is a human of the person variety. She is an expert in respiration and circulation. Not dead; yet. Generally contains a hankering for nutrients. She expends much energy through homework and heat, while using infrequent alliteration to force people to read sentences twice. She is building a basis in food science, and craving the cool northern wilderness of New Hampshire. She loves chocolate and is done writing for now.

Katherine is a rising senior at Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia. She is on the varsity tennis team, but wonders how she even made it on the team — though Danica speculates that Katherine must be pretty great at tennis. Katherine also denies her talents as a French and Chinese linguist and violin player, leading her to question her purpose in life.

Rohun is an amazing student who loves playing saxophone and listening all kinds of music. He is a coxswain, and a Mac user with a Chipotle addiction. Most importantly, he is a relaxation wizard who loves to blow money on frivolous things like a gold plated panini press. He will provide you with fun facts and food for thought while also sharing his experiences socially and academically.

We’re so excited to spend the rest of the month living and working with such an amazing group of students!

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