College Night, Not College Fright

BY: Mishal Baig, Dayana Obeldobel, Katie Dunphy, Will Rimer,  Whit Spivey

The most concerning, but exciting, part of a teenager’s life is choosing the right college. It can be especially difficult in Virginia since we have some of the best colleges to pick from. Each college has a different personality and each has stereotypes associated with its name.

It was really helpful to hear about the comparison of these traits (between Tech and UVA) in a professional sense and with a personal twist from the GSLs’ stories during our own version of a College Night. Some main points that were stated were the importance of AP classes and study skills.

I believe every student left that room with new information and a sense of comfort. Even though we were looking forward to going to Radford University for college night, this one was just as helpful!

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