GROUP #2 Prepares for the 4th of July


This morning we woke up and looked in our closets to pick out anything to wear that is red, white, and blue.

Many of us forgot that we would be spending the 4th of July here at the Governor’s School for Agriculture, but as we look around the room, it is clear that some of the students here planned in advance. We can see American flag capes tied to the back of patriotic tank tops and heads adorned with American flag bandanas. The amount of red, white, and blue in the classroom is just enough to demonstrate the spirit of the students here without being overwhelming.

As we wrapped up the final Economics is Everywhere! class, Professor Ellerbrock called a few students to the front to lead the class in a National Anthem sing-a-long. Some voices were more prominent and beautiful than others, but all of the voices were clearly excited to be here.

Even though we are all from different parts of the state, we have all elected to spend a month here to learn and live together. Everyone is looking forward to watching the fireworks tonight with new friends.

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