KAI and Problem Solving in Group #7

What “KAI” are you? A few days ago, we took the KAI (Kirton Adaption-Innovation Psychometric Instrument), which measures whether your problem-solving style is more adaptive or more innovative, and today we got to find out what our results were.

An adaptive person solves problems by improving the given solution, while an innovative person solves problems by creating different solutions. The KAI test determines how a person solves problems through a series of questions that gives students scores from a range between 32 to 160. If the student scores higher than 95, he or she tends to solve problems through innovation, whereas if a student scores lower than 95, he or she solves problems through adaptation.

The average KAI score of governor school students was 93, indicating that there was a near balance of adaptors and innovators. Among our five group members, three of us scored higher than 93, while the others scored below 93. It was interesting to see the different scores we got, and we are excited to see how the group is going to cooperate with each other.

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