Pizza, FIFA, and Food Security (of champions)

By: Jackson Zagurski, Liz Manero, Aly Kamis, Luc Thomas, and Amy Zhang

Pizza, the fuel of champions. FIFA World Cup, the field of champions. Food security research, the work of champions. Extraordinarily, destiny saw it fit that these items would meet in Newman Library on the campus of Virginia Tech.

On this fateful day, the members of this alignment each faced herculean tasks: the US Men’s National Soccer team to beat the Belgians; the research group to formulate an outline; and the 28-inch pizza to satisfy the research group.

The research group, dynamically comprised of Liz Manero, Aly Kamis, Jackson Zagurski, Luc Thomas, and Amy Zhang, sought to discover the benefits and limitations of international food aid and to propose solutions to key problems. Their quest wasn’t without challenges; they had to overcome their diverse ideas, working habits, and natural roles as group members, loosely defined by their KAI score. Since the dawn of their journey, this vanguard of food security has grown into a unit, bonded by hard work, collaboration, and corny jokes.

The future of the group appears bright, as it peeks over the horizon of time. Food security faces daunting problems that must be solved for humanity to advance and prosper. Expect great things from this group, dear reader, as they attempt to contribute their work to the field of agriculture.



One thought on “Pizza, FIFA, and Food Security (of champions)

  1. Sing Apor says:

    I’m just a random yet avid agricultural education from Singapore. I just wanted to say that this group seems swell. Give them money and puppies.

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