10 Quick Tips To Survive at Gov School

By: Zoe Smith, Sam Zuber, Yousuf Rehman, Kathryn Weisbordt and Courtney Whisenant


  1. Pay attention in class! Even if we’re outside. Actually, especially if we’re outside.  Please, don’t make your roommates hate you by giving them an early bed check.
  2. Take advantage of all the beautiful sights. How often do you see a double rainbow? Like, never. So like it. Better yet, love it.
  3. Make your roomies feel special. If it’s their birthday, let them know you care. They’re away from home for a whole month. You are too, but it’s not your birthday. Or if it is, make sure your roommates make a whole big fuss about it. Party hats and birthday décor galore.
  4. Be adventurous. There’s plenty to do while we’re here, so take advantage. Go for a hike in the Cascades.  Swim in the ice cold water. Why? Just because you can. Perfect logic, I know.
  5. Be prepared for the field-trips. They’re pretty awesome. For example, we just went to Kentland Farms. We saw crops. A lot more interesting than it sounds, I swear. But make sure you wear sunscreen. And bug spray. Lots of bug spray. Because bugs are gross.
  6. Make friends. I probably should have mentioned this earlier. But actually, make them. Trust me, you’ll need them. Especially if you’re not into hanging out alone. But if you are, well, I guess I can’t judge. To each his own, right.
  7. Love your country. We have fireworks that look amazing. Fourth of July and all that jazz. ‘Murica.
  8. WALMART! Take advantage of the Wal-Mart trips. Even if you’re not going, you can always make your roommate (or one of those friends I mentioned earlier that I really hope you made) get whatever you need for you. Although, that comes with the caveat that you have to get stuff for them if you go. And you might end up with a lot of bags. But it’s okay. Wal-Mart is worth it. A little slice of heaven.
  9. Absorb the Hokie spirit! It’s such an important part of the Virginia Tech community, and frankly the entire Blacksburg area. Judge all the incoming freshman, even if they are all older than us (and don’t be afraid to get free stuff.)
  10. Honestly, the most important thing for anyone to do here at this beautiful, wonderful governor’s school is to get into it. Let your hair down, be yourself, and have fun. We’re here for a whole month (I’ve probably already mentioned that), so don’t be a Debbie Downer. No one likes those. Anyway, these are people from all over the state, and we’re all different. Embrace those differences, and get to know these people. Be open to new experiences, you never know, you might meet your best friend here. Or your future boss.

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