GSA Dance: Better than High School Prom?

By: Group #20

At Governor’s School last week, we were pleasantly surprised to find out about an upcoming dance. Some wondered about the futility of having a dance when we should be learning about agriculture, and others complained about how the dance was ‘required’ for all Governor’s School for Agriculture students. When we arrived at the YMCA location, with the words, ‘thrift shop’ labeled on at the entrance, a few wondered if they had chosen the place solely for its cost-effectiveness. 

Once the dance started, however, and everyone began sliding side-to-side with their glowing bracelets, any shyness that was hanging around the group evaporated and the mood quickly changed. With energetic jumps, shouts, and squeals, the GSA students, for the most part, were enjoying themselves. The quality of this dance surpassed our high school prom, in which dancing was few-and-far in between. 

From a broader perspective, the dance was an opportunity to bond with fellow students before entering the last and final week of Governor’s School. By this time, many had already made friends and were enjoying the dance in their respective groups. All in all, this dance changed the atmosphere of Governor’s School going into the final week.

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