Dorm Room Packing; You’re Doing It Wrong

Stepping through the door to their suite on June 23rd, students in the Governor’s School of Agriculture began to crack open their densely-packed luggage to unload the mounds of clothing and other necessities into the drawers and cabinets of their new dorm room. As they rummaged through their belongings, some realized with a feeling of frustration that they had left something behind in the comfort of their homes.

From soaps, socks, to snacks, it seemed as though everyone had forgotten a necessity in their quest to pack. With the thrill of a new adventure on the horizon and everyone waiting until the last minute to pack, it’s no surprise this happened. In general, some of the bigger items were packed, including clothes, bedsheets, laptops, and such. However, the little things are equally important, and we writers forgot multiple things ourselves. We all know that disappointment is an emotion we dislike experiencing, especially in a situation where nothing can be done. In hopes that you all don’t have to experience this, we created a list of must-haves that will make your Governor’s School experience easier. These items include:

  1. A trash can: A trash can is a dorm room essential. Most people assumed that trash cans would be provided due to the fact that we are staying in suites with a bathroom. However, many were proven wrong. Students have had to use whatever plastic or paper bags they receive through shopping, but what happens when you run out? That’s why a trash can is important. If you do not have a trash can and are still in the comfort of your home, there is an easy way to make your own. First, simply find a small rectangular cardboard box. Second, seal all sides except for one of the sides with the smallest surface area with packaging tape or duct tape. The flaps of the open end can either be taped down or cut off, and voila! You have your own trash can.
  2. Paper towels: Paper towels were the last thing some of us were expecting to bring. Once again. Plenty of us were expecting these resources to be provided only to be shocked when, after washing our hands, not a single scrap of paper towel was in sight. It’s always fun dripping water all over the place. Further, if you were to have a spill, what would you do? So, make sure you bring paper towels, or at least something that you will be able to dry your hands with, and bring plenty of it to last your stay. A large roll of paper towels may seem like a lot, but it quickly diminishes to a cardboard roll especially when you have five other suitemates sharing a bathroom.
  3. Bathroom Supplies: Bathroom supplies are key in our daily routines, yet they are classically the most commonly forgotten items. Whether it’s a toothbrush, hand soap, shampoo, or tweezers- you name it, chances are someone forgot it. It’s no surprise these were left behind, taking a backseat to the all-important Ethernet cords and business attire. Back at home these bathroom essentials are things that you use often but never really notice. Luckily some people brought extra and were willing to help their under prepared roommates. In any case, we have Walmart trips for a reason!
  4. Laundry detergent: With frequent activities and field trips, Governor’s School students are filling their laundry baskets at an alarming rate. When it came time to finally put it in the wash, many students discovered they had no detergent, dryer sheets, and/or quarters. Since no one brought enough clothes to last them a month, you can see how this became a problem. So what is a Governor’s School student to do? Some borrowed from roommates, others found what they needed at the Virginia Tech convenience store, and the rest waited for a spot on the next Walmart trip. Something tells us that if it wasn’t for Walmart Governor’s School students would be falling apart.

The list goes on but these items are definitely the top four most forgotten essentials. So, if you want to have minimal stress and enjoy the fullest experience at Governor’s School, make sure to bring along these items!

About the authors:

Jade Chen is a female homosapien, 17 years of age, who decided through her interest in cows and pigs, to sacrifice her long-awaited and valuable summer break in order to study the fascinating lives of cows… and pigs… and possibly sheep. She is taking on this journey through the prestigious Governor’s School of Agriculture at Virginia Tech. Through her on-site experiences, Jade will report on her temporary four-week lifestyle while trying to cope with the torture of waking up at 7:15 in the morning.

Madison Bennett is your basic semi nerdy high schooler who enjoys eating, sleeping, and a nice cup of Starbucks. She decided to invest a month of her summer in Virginia Tech’s Governor’s School for Agriculture to get a taste of college life. While she was there she needed something to fill her free time besides re-watching Marvel movies, so she began blogging about her experiences.


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