The Future Is In Our Hands


By: Juan Gonzalez, Vijay Patel, Allison Kim, and Melissa Pineda

With hundreds of options to choose from, the students in GSA explored agricultural careers through a presentation and an online career finder. The career finder allows student to be informed about the different occupations in agriculture and what it takes to pursue it. Students took a quiz about their interests, and the career finder gave them suggested future occupations based on the results. Here are a few students who found their passion in the field of agriculture.

Juan Gonzalez

Career: Plant Breeding

Since the beginning of high school, I always had a passion for horticulture, specifically in the ornamental aspect, and research. In plant breeding, one must research plant characteristics and find the best trait for plants.

Melissa Pineda

Career: Small Animal Veterinarian

Before I took the career finder quiz, I was only thought of being a veterinarian. The quiz informed me about smaller divisions within veterinary medicine. My results permitted me to research more about this career. I am glad that I could get more information about a job I have been considering.

Allison Kim

Career: Electrical Engineer

The last occupation I could have ever dreamt of having was electrical engineer. So when I submitted my quiz, you could imagine my shock when I was faced with the words electrical engineer as a possible career for me. Dubious about my results, I decided to take it upon myself to research a little about this occupation. I realized it was a pretty interesting job, and even though I was terrible in my physics class, electricity was my strongest unit. Though I received a completely unexpected result, I was pretty satisfied with how well the job description seemed to match with me.

Vijay Patel

Career: Neurologist

Originally my focus for my future was to go into engineering because that was the only job I knew and had been exposed to. Then I got into working at hospitals and I knew wanted to go into surgery. But one thing that Jeremy taught us is that plans do change. Now I’m divided between genetic research for agriculture and medicine.


Interview with Jeremy Elliott-Engel about future careers:

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